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Our Story

Pluribus represents both the “many” we serve, and the many diverse skills and backgrounds brought together to provide those services.

plur•i•bus dig•​i•​tal

Pluribus Digital brings a solid legacy of standing behind important customer missions. We began as Solution Technology Systems, Inc. (STSI), and have adopted the name Pluribus Digital to better reflect who we are and where we are going.

HQ Team

Photo of Jessica<br />Morris
President & CEO
Photo of Ben<br />Morris
Chief Delivery Officer
Photo of Bill<br />Callery
Board Member & Founder
Photo of Halai<br />Shukran
VP of Talent & Culture
Photo of Julie<br />Meloni
VP of Digital Solutions
Photo of Onkar<br />Singh
Proposal Manager
Photo of Diane<br />Benveniste
Senior Recruiter
Photo of Meaghan<br />Ange
Senior Accountant
Photo of Tom<br />Hallaren
Information & Security Manager

Principles in Action

The following ordered principles guide our behaviors and decisions.
Order matters: we try to live by all, but when in direct conflict, those above outrank those below.

1. Support the mission.

We support important public service missions. If we do the right thing for our customers, success will follow. Make sure teams have what they need to deliver, and hold them accountable to do so.

2. Support people.

We are knowledge workers. People who are supported can do their best work in support of our customers. Give them the tools they need to do their job.

3. Lean into digital services.

Transforming the government to digital services is a journey. We take every opportunity – large or small – to nudge government technology in that direction.

4. Seek and provide feedback.

High quality critical feedback, given with care, is the best way for organizations or individuals to grow. We actively seek frequent feedback on our work. We care enough to give candid feedback to our employees or customers.

5. Default to open.

We gain by sharing. If we can share our approach, experience, source code, etc., then we tend to gain more in goodwill and trust than we might ever lose in an imagined competitive advantage.

6. Nurture a calm culture.

People do their best work when they are given the space to thrive outside of work. If a real crunch-time comes, and the mission demands hard work, we can rise to the occasion.

7. Engage our communities.

We invest in various communities, and benefit greatly from doing so. We support professional communities, particularly those supporting underrepresented groups. We support local community organizations to help those outside of our industry.

Our Communities

Industry Communities

Pluribus engages in communities that help the government technology and contracting ecosystem find better ways to serve the government. We are a proud founding member of both the Digital Services Coalition and Digital WOSB Alliance, and are a member or participant in other industry communities.

Technical Communities

We support technical communities as individual employees, and often as a corporate sponsor. We are proud that our employees are members, leaders, and organizers in organizations such as Women Who Code, Northern Virginia Code & Coffee, and Black Code Collective.

Geographic Community

Pluribus supports our greater local community in Arlington and the DC metro area. Involvement includes financial donations and volunteering by employees. We have recently supported the Arlington Community Foundation, Byte Back, and Phoenix Bikes.

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